Amaia Urra. “Bla: Coup de dés hasard jamais le n’abolira un”. “The Book to Come”, Session 13.

Thursday, 6 April, 2017 - 19:00


















Using Marcel Broodthaers' book Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard (1969) as her starting point, Amaia Urra presents a singular reading of texts and interviews with the Belgian artist. 

Words follow one another as in a throw of the dice, forming new combinations and calling up hidden presences in language. “Bla: la lenguage la la Me”, or “Bla: La lectura la la la la”, could also be used as titles for Urra's session; each title opens up semantic folds that activate new ways of reading Broodthaers aloud.

Amaia Urra (San Sebastian, 1974). Her work focuses on language, the sung/spoken word, and action or the difficulty of naming things. It has been presented in different contexts: Art nomade, rencontre internationale d'art performance de Saugenay (Axeneo7 & SAW Gallery, Gatineau-Otawa), Líneas de acción (Casa Maauad, Mexico DF), In-presentable (Casa Encendida, Madrid) Radiodifusión: Emisión 0 y Emisión 1. by Mugatxoan (MST, San Sebastian), First Thought Best (Artium, Vitoria), Musac, Museo de Arte contemporáneo (Leon), Festival Plastique danse flore (Versailles), Zarata Fest, (Bilbao-Madrid), Tabakalera (San Sebastian), Festival 2D2H (Hendaya), Ecolalias RSS (Reina Sofía Radio, Madrid), and PAF Performing Arts Forum (St.Erme).

From 1999 to 2009, Urra worked with a variety of choreographers including Jérôme Bel, Xavier le Roy, Ion Munduate, Juan Domínguez, Cristina Blanco, and Cuqui y María Jerez. In 1998 she took part in the first Mugotxoan workshop at Arteleku, San Sebastian, and has continued to collaborate with the project.